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(Note: Place important shipping documents such as passports and airline tickets in a safe place where they will not be packed inadvertently)

An important key to packing boxes is to select the appropriate type of box for the items being packed.  Heavy items such as books, files, etc. should be packed in smaller boxes.  Lighter items such as clothing and linens may be packed in larger boxes.  Breakable items such as china and glassware should be packed in boxes called dish barrels which have a double wall thickness and therefore provide added protection. 

It is also recommended that a detailed inventory be compiled noting the contents of each of the boxes.  You may be requested to provide a detailed inventory to Customs at your final destination.  We also suggest that Room Labels be placed on each of

the boxes which will be helpful during the unloading process. 

Books, Magazines, Folders

Heavy items should be packed into 1.5 cub. ft. Book Boxes. Book boxes are 12"H x 16"W x 12"D and can hold approximately 16 linear inches of books on a shelf. Use Clean White Newsprint to fill any voids.


Non fragile kitchen items, small appliances, toys

Less heavy non fragile items should be packed in Medium 3.1 cub. ft. boxes.  Medium boxes are 16"H x 18"W x 18"D. Use Clean White Newsprint to fill any voids.


Clothing, Electronics, Lamp Shades

Light weight bulky items should be packed in Large 4.5 cub. ft. boxes.  Large boxes are 24"H x 18"W x 18"D. Use Clean White Newsprint to fill any voids.


Linens, Comforters, Pillows, Towels

Larger bulky items should be packed in Extra Large 6.1 cub. ft. boxes. Extra large boxes are 24"H x 24"W x 18"D.


Suites/Clothes on Hangers

For clothing that is to remain on hangers, use the 14 cub. ft. Upright Wardrobe Box with hanging bar. Upright Wardrobe boxes are 48"H x 24"W x 21"D.  If space is a concern, use the 4.4 cub. ft. Lay down Wardrobe Box.  Lay down wardrobe boxes are 10"H x 36"W x 21"D.


China, Glassware, Breakables

Fragile items should be packed in 5.1 cub. ft. Dish Barrel boxes. Dish barrel boxes can hold the contents of approximately 48 linear inches of shelf space.  Use the Dishpack Cell Partition Kit and Glassware Foam Pouches for your glassware.   Use the Plate Foam Pouches and Salad/Bowel Foam Pouches for plates and bowels. Use Clean White Newsprint to fill any voids.  It is also recommended that dishes be stacked vertically (on edge) rather than horizontally (one on top another).



Wrap pictures and mirrors in 3/16" Bubble Wrap or 5/16" Bubble Wrap.  After wrapping in bubble, pack pictures and mirrors in  Small Picture Boxes (20" x 30"), Medium Picture Boxes (24" x 36") or Large Picture Boxes (30" x 40").




Furniture should be wrapped well in order to avoid scratches, gouges and soiling.  Use Kraft Bubble to wrap all types of furniture including tables, chairs, cabinets, book cases etc..  Kraft bubble is a 2 ply pad consisting of bubble (outside surface) and kraft paper (inside surface).  Kraft bubble comes in a 48" roll and may be purchased in any length.  As an alternative, sofas up to 116"  may be wrapped in  Safeguard Sofa Covers and chairs up to 42" may be wrapped in Safeguard Chair Covers.  Mattresses may be wrapped in Safeguard Mattress Twin Size, Full Size, Queen Size or King Size Covers. 




For those loading their household goods into a steamship container (20'/40'), the container will be delivered to your residence on a chassis and will therefore be approximately 4 feet above the ground.  You may rent a ramp from Astro International as well as hand trucks and dollies to assist in loading.  A parking permit may be required if parking the container on the street. Many towns require a street bond in order to obtain a permit.  Astro International can provide a bond for Boston and many other surrounding cities.  Contact your local police department to determine if a parking permit is required.  

Household goods should be tightly loaded in the container to avoid shifting or movement.  Heavier and more sturdy items should be loaded on the bottom and lighter more fragile items on top.  If the container is not completely filled, secure the shipment with a bulk head or wall.  Mattresses may be used for this purpose and eight foot 2"x4" studs will fit snugly across the container to hold the mattresses in place.  Do not load any flammable or hazardous items. Equipment with gasoline engines such as lawn mowers, chain saws, trimmers etc. should be drained of gas.  Also, check with the consulate or embassy for any restricted items at your final destination.     


All motor vehicles must be loaded last and made accessible for both U.S. Customs and Customs at the destination.  They must have less than 1/4 of a tank of gas and the battery cables must be disconnected.  Automobiles must be backed into the container so that the front is facing the doors.   Use 2"x4" studs and tie downs for blocking and bracing the vehicle. 

The container will be delivered to your residence on a chassis and will therefore be approximately four feet above the ground.  A ramp truck will be required for loading your vehicle.  Most towing companies have ramp trucks and charge $50.00 to $100.00 for loading.

Do not leave important documents inside the vehicle such as registration or vehicle title.  The following documentation is required for exporting your vehicle; Original Certificate of Title (free of liens) or Certificate of Origin and Bill of Sales.









Proper packing and loading are the first steps in ensuring that your household personal effects arrive at their destination free of damage.  That is why Astro International uses the finest packing materials and most proven techniques in packing and loading your shipment.  We recommend that  you allow our professional staff of movers to pack and load your household goods whenever possible.  This will ensure the highest likelihood that your shipment will arrive free of damage and it allows us to provide All Risk marine insurance to cover damages.  We also understand that having your shipment professionally packed can be expensive and  we are therefore providing this guide for those considering packing and loading their own household goods.   












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