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International Shipping Services




At Astro International, we offer our clients a wide variety of services to meet their individual needs. We provide professional packing, crating, and storage and are capable of transporting your household goods via ocean or air. For ocean freight transportation, we offer both full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) service as well as roll-on roll-off (Ro-Ro) service for automobiles.

A customer representative from our company will be happy to meet with you in your home. During this time, we will determine the specifications of your shipment and discuss the most effective mode of transportation for your household goods, considering the cost, timing, and availability of services.

Our professional staff of movers use the finest materials and packing techniques for overseas household goods shipments. That has allowed us to sustain an extremely low loss ratio of insurance claims and have received an "Excellent" rating from Unirisc Insurance.

Once packed, your shipment will be loaded into a steel steamship container for ocean freight transportation. For shipments that are time sensitive, we offer air freight service. Whichever the mode of transport, we use only the most reliable carriers and we will track your shipment throughout the entire journey. At the final destination, our network of carefully chosen agents are available to provide the same high quality of service for customs clearance, delivery to your residence and unpacking of your shipment.

Full Container Shipments

 Full containers of household goods will be loaded at your home whenever possible.  Once sealed, the container will travel directly to the port and will not be opened again (unless required for customs inspection) until it reaches its final destination. 

Prior to the shipment’s departure, you will be provided with the shipment’s departure date, complete sailing details including the estimated arrival date and a point of contact at your destination.

 Less Than Container Shipments

 Partial load consignments are returned to our warehouse where they will be crated or palletized.  They will then be shipped through one of our carefully selected NVOCC’s (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier).

Air Freight Shipments

Air freight shipments are returned to our warehouse where they will be palletized or loaded in D-type air freight containers.  They will then be shipped through one of our carefully selected air freight carriers.

Automobile Shipments

Automobiles can be shipped either in a sole use container or on a roll-on roll-off vessel.  When shipped in a container, your vehicle will be block and braced for safe transportation.  For roll-on roll off transportation, your automobile will be loaded on board a vessel which specializes in vehicle transport. Motorcycles and ATV's will be crated and transported as part of a consolidated shipment to their final destination. Vehicles must have less than 1/4 of a tank of gas in order to be exported and the following documentation is required:

Used Vehicle- Original title (free of liens)

New unregistered vehicle- Original certificate of title and bill of sales



At Astro International we handle shipments arriving from all over the world via ocean or air.  In addition, we provide delivery to all locations in the United States and track your shipment throughout its journey.    We will arrange the customs clearance, delivery to your residence, unloading, unpacking and removal of packing debris.


We also offer both short-term and long-term containerized storage. Our 15,000 square foot temperature controlled warehouse features a state of the art security and sprinkler system.

Marine Insurance

At Astro International, we understand that even the most well packed shipments may occasionally sustain damage due to unusual circumstances.  For this reason, we have joined forces with Unirisc, Inc., the world’s largest insurance broker, specializing in international and domestic shipments.  Underwritten by IN and Lloyd’s of London, Unirisc offers comprehensive “All-Risk” insurance from door-to-door for household good shipments, automobiles, and personal household effects.

We recommend that each international move be insured for its full replacement value.

All-Risk Coverage

You will be provided with a Valued Inventory Form in which all insured items will need to be listed and assigned a value.  Only items that are professionally packed qualify for all-risk coverage.  Please note that the shipments should be insured for replacement value at the destination in U.S. dollars.

If you have items that have an appreciated or intrinsic value, such as fine art or antiques, you must be prepared to justify the value.  For these items, we suggest that you have a current appraisal completed prior to the move.

Full-Loss Coverage

For those choosing to pack their own belongings, we can offer “Complete Loss” or FPA (Free of Particular Averaging) insurance.  This type of coverage excludes damage of partial loss claims.  Your shipment is covered against catastrophic disaster such as sinking, fire or loss of the entire shipment.  It is not necessary to complete the Valued Inventory Form for this type of coverage, as individual items are not insured.


The following items are not insured under the terms of this certificate, and we recommend that you transport them personally:





Specific provisions of the insurance contract are noted on the back of the application.

On-Line Estimate

Timely communication is possible with our on-line moving estimator.

Most quotation requests will be addressed within 24 hours of receiving them.





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