Robert,  Nogent-sur-Vernisson France  Dec. 23 2018 "Thanks for a painless move. My daughter tells me that the movers in Europe were helpful, courteous and very professional --as you and your staff have been on this end. This was our first move and we much appreciated all the advice and assistance. Cheers"

Owen,  Dublin Ireland  Oct. 19 2018 "Thanks Peter, you have been unbelievably helpful throughout.

Let me know if I can leave you a review etc. that might help you out if necessary.
Thanks for everything again!!"

 Claes,  Stockholm Sweden  July 9 2018 "Hi Peter, Hope this e mail finds you well! Just let you know that we have received the container and all boxes without any damages."

Camilla,  Stockholm Sweden  July 10, 2018 "Hi Peter, Thank you for sending a great crew to us. They did a fantastic job and were both friendly and efficient."

Laura,  Stockholm Sweden  June 5, 2018  "Hi Peter, just wanted to let you know that your crew today was great! I’ll definitely be writing a good review for Astro."

Sonja,  Swansea U.K.  Jan. 16, 2018  "The move I completed through your firm was the best international move I
have yet undertaken, many thanks for this

Sarah,  Berlin Germany  Dec. 6, 2017 "I just wanted you to know that yesterday my shipment was delivered safely in Berlin, and when unpacked everything was in excellent condition..Helen,  Christchurch New Zealand  Nov. 18, 2017  "Hi Peter, I am writing with a very belated thank you for doing our shipment to NZ.  Eerything arrived intact and fits nicely in our little 2 bedroom flat. "

Sue,  Bassens France  Sept. 16, 2017 "Dear Peter, Just a quick note to thank you all for the exceptional service you provided for our rather complicated shipment of a container between Melbourne, Boston and France.

Tsutomu ,  Leiden Netherlands  May 22, 2017 "We were very happy on both ends of the move. I haven't unpacked yet, but I'm sure it's all fine. Thank you. In five years, we'll let you know if we are moving back to Boston.."

Kelly,  Dublin Ireland  May 31, 2017 "Hi Peter, I was about to send you a message in the morning because I just finished unpacking nearly every box except for my clothes. I sent SO much glassware and breakables you would not believe it and I am so happy and grateful to you, not even one thing was broken in my entire shipment! Thank you so very much for all of your help from beginning to end. "

Ori,  Import from Israel  April 15, 2017 "Dear Peter     We wanted to thank you and the team for your excellent service - the guys were so professional and nice and everything was taken care of perfectly. It was a great experience for us! Thank you."

Kelly, Donegal Ireland  March 28, 2017 "Thank you for all your help. With everything I had going on with selling my home, estate sales, international paperwork for my dogs and myself, and shipping my dogs, I really appreciate that you made one aspect of this process very easy. A lot goes into relocating your life internationally and you were always responsive and helpful every step of the way regarding shipping my personal goods, and I appreciate it.  Thank you."

Daan,  Rotterdam Netherlands  March 27, 2017 "Thanks for taking care of our move. Your crew was amazing, and we can’t thank Bill, Joe, James and Joel enough for how pleasant and professional they were. We’re really happy we picked Astro.."

Emily,  Oslo Norway  March 21, 2017 "Good morning Peter. Everything went so smoothly yesterday and I can't say enough good things about the "Three Js and a B". Extremely courteous and helpful, and made the whole process a delight. What a good group of guys."

Kimberly,  Dublin Ireland  Jan. 20, 2017 " Dear Peter and Dan,  With the help of your wonderful staff, I received my shipment this morning. It looks as if it never made a 3,500 mile journey. :) Thank you both for your help on each side of the ocean. I look forward to recommending your services to others, and - if I ever get back - use your services again someday!

Dennis,  Dublin Ireland  Jan. 6, 2017 "I worked with Peter Karys to ship my belongings from Boston to Dublin and the whole process was easy and smooth.  My packages arrived on time and just the way I left them.  I highly recommend working with Astro Moving Company"

Melaney,  Bordeaux France Dec. 14, 2016 "Peter / Astro International helped us for moving from Boston MA to Bordeaux France. The service was perfect. EVERYTHING went perfectly. The movers even brought everything to the second floor at no extra cost. Would definitively recommend. Excellent job with the move, everything arrived safely and in the condition it was packed. Thanks for making our move so much easier."

Mohamed,  Abu Dhabi UAE Dec. 5, 2016 "Excellent job with the move, everything arrived safely and in the condition it was packed. Thanks for making our move so much easier."

Margareta,  Stockholm Sweden  August 12, 2016 "I just wanted to let you know that the shipment arrived to us in Stockholm yesterday. The guys who unpacked said that they had never, ever, seen such efficient packing in their lives before! Please tell your expert packers and many thanks to you all for your professionalism!"

Erich,  Erkelenz Germany  July 8, 2016 "I would recommend Astro International to anyone who is planning to move to Germany. I appreciated their service and their efficiency. Thanks. "

Anne,  Monmouth UK  Jan. 10, 2016 "Mr. Karys at Astro International looked after our shipment from the initial queries by telephone from the UK, through packing, collection and final shipment to the UK. The UK agents that Astro International worked with at Felixstowe port were equally professional and a delight to work with and everything was delivered promptly and safely. We would use Astro International again for any packing and shipment and cannot recommend them highly enough. All aspects of the work were professional, good  humored and fairly priced."

Vivien,  Hong Kong  Dec. 23, 2015  "Peter is great with getting all the information we needed in a prompt manner. We will likely use Astro again.

Sylvia,  Frankfurt Germany  Nov. 30, 2015 "The accuracy, cleanness, kindness, and professionalism is so much appreciated, as well as the receiving moving company in Germany very well chosen. My husband and I are very grateful for the good and amazing job! We are very happy to have chosen "Astro International" to have taken care of our household goods. I will spread out the word and if by any chance we happen to think about moving, we will definitely choose you again. God bless!"

Agustin,  Barcelona, Spain  Sept. 28, 2015 "The service was excellent".

Carmel,  Dublin, Ireland  Oct. 12, 2015 " We received the shipment in excellent condition and are very satisfied with the service your company provided".

Tobias,  Muelheim Germany  July 20, 2015 "Very good service."

Miikka,  Helsinki Finland  Aug. 15, 2015 "Thank you very much.  You mad our life allot easier."

Matthias,  St. Blaise Switzerland  July 27, 2015 "Everything went very well.  The quote was accurate. A trouble free trans-Atlantic move".

Daniel,  Immensee Switzerland  July 27, 2015 " Very good service.  Will recommend to friends".

Sarah, St. Andrews UK July 29, 2015 "Our shipment arrived and everything looks great.  Thank you for everything and I will recommend your service in the future."

Renata,  Ouilly-le-Vicomte France  June 20, 2015 "Thank you for making it all very easy. If you want to give our name for future référence - please do. We ll be happy to say good things about you.  All of my Murano arived intact, which is a miracle on Its own."

David,  Osaka Japan, Haiti  April 15, 2015 "Thank you for a very good shipping experience."

Max, Petitionville, Haiti  May 17, 2015 "Everything went perfectly well.  Thank you.".


Alphonse, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania  April 30, 2015 "This is to let you know that my shipment  arrived in Dar es Salaam safely. I was personally there to receive it and was pleasantly surprised when the container was opened and my car was as it was delivered to your warehouse - no scratch or dent on it. I am happy with the work you did for me and will highly recommend Astro International to my friends/colleagues for any international shipments."

Roman, Zurich Switzerland June 10, 2015 "Thanks for organizing the move of our household. Everything is complete and we're very satisfied with the outcome! I look forward to a similarly successful experience with the lab."

Chevanthia, Sri Lanka to Boston July 3, 2015  "A short to thank you for all the support given with regards to my shipment."

Carolyn, Berlin Germany  March 30, 2015   "Thank you again for all your help with my move. I greatly appreciate your making a complicated task simpler and less stressful."

Deirdra, Dublin Ireland  April 7, 2015  "I will definitely recommend you any friends that intend shipping in the future."

Kamal, Toronto Canada  May 7, 2015  "Thank you.  Everything went well with our move ."

  Lyvia, France to Boston Jan. 30, 2015        "I would like to thank ASTRO International Boston for the great service  provided when moving my goods from France to Boston on January 30, 2015. They were very professional, efficient, pro-active and very nice. In such a big stressful transition period as moving could be it's been very helpful. I belong to an European community in Boston counting numerous expatriates and I will, with no doubt, highly recommend your company to whoever may need."

Kathryn,  Sieci Italy  Jan 15, 2015 " We used Astro's service twice- perfect every time. We highly recommend them!"

David, London England Jan. 12, 2015  "What a team on both sides of the Atlantic.  We will recommend to others ."

Felicity, Surrey England Jan. 6, 2015  "Thank you. All furniture/belongings arrived safely ."

Maria, Guatemala City, Guatemala and Pa. Dec. 4, 2013  "Peter orchestrated the move of my goods from Boston to Guatemala (part 1) and from Boston to Pennsylvania (part 2) including my vehicle.  A crew of 4 handled the packing with care and precision.  The crew arrived on time and departed at the assigned time. Astro Int'l showed to be professional, punctual, flexible (storing my goods for some time) and followed through until completion. I would highly recommend Astro Int'l services for any international or national shipment of household goods and vehicles."

Peter, Move to Whitestable U.K. Dec. 21, 2013  "Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent service.  My shipment arrived last week and everything is in perfect shape.  Your crew did an excellent packing job.  Please let them know it was greatly appreciated."

Heather, Move to New Delhi India Nov. 7, 2013  "This was my first move and it was only a few boxes but it made me confident about shipping more of my items at a future date."

Jonas, Move to Gothenburg Sweden Oct. 20, 2013  "Very good alternative to using a major moving company"

Fabrice, Move to Bures sur Yvette France Oct. 15, 2013  "Your service was excellent"

Ananya, Move to New Delhi, India Oct. 4, 2013  "I was very happy with your service."

Robin, Move to Zurich Switzerland Aug. 29, 2013  "I have recommended Astro International to several friends and they have used your services already."

Bhavesh,  Move to Melbourne Australia July 28, 2013  "We are very happy with the service we received and would not hesitate to recommend Astro International."

Sumer, Move to Constanta Romania  June 26, 2013 "I hope all is well with you .  My shipment arrived perfectly and in order and I really appreciate all the assistance you provided.  I was very happy with your services and I recommended you to a friend who I believe is transporting is Mercedes to Dubai through your company.  Thanks again for all the help and  if I have any other friends that require such services, I shall definitely pass them on!!"

Muriel, Move to Clermont-Ferrand France  July 25, 2013 "Excellent Service."

Hugo, Move to Donegal Ireland  July 13, 2013 "Peter was always available when we called to answer questions and the packing team were amazing and did a beautiful job. We would highly recommend Astro Intenational."

Miki, Move to London England  July 11, 2013 "Overall, everything was handled in a professional manner and I was very happy with the service."

Amir, Move to Riyadh Saudi Arabia, July 9, 2013  "Best moving service."

Michelle, Move to Erlangen Germany, June 28, 2013  "Everything was perfect!!!"

Brice, Move to Copenhagen Denmark, June 6, 2013  "Astro International provided excellent service for my move to Denmark."

Thorston, Move to Dresden Germany, April 17, 2013   "I was absolutely happy with the service that  Astro International provided and I would certainly recommend them."

Justin, Move from South Africa Dec. 4, 2012  "Our shipment arrived yesterday, all in good order. Astro International was excellent, Peter was great at keeping in touch with me and letting me know when the shipment would arrive and what the process was. The guys who did the unpacking were friendly and professional, and really did a good job.   We want to thank you so much for making this such a stress-free experience, and would be happy to recommend you and pass on a personal reference to anyone who may desire it."

Sebastian, Move from Germany Nov. 14, 2012  "The shipment was delivered by Astro International on time and has been unloaded. All the items I requested were unpacked. There was no noticeable damage to the unpacked items. The crew were highly efficient, swift and very cheerful. A couple of the items needed creativity and careful handling to get them through narrow spaces – this was done very well, without damaging walls or the packaging. The team also offered to do more than I asked. I was very impressed and would be grateful if you would pass this feedback on to their supervisor."

Chad, Move to Tubingen Germany Oct. 17, 2012  "Hi Peter! Everything arrived on Wednesday, and the team on this side did a great job, just like you guys in Boston. Everything went smoothly and we are very pleased with the results."

Guillermo, Move to London England Oct. 1, 2012  "Excellent service from Astro Intenational and their agent in England moving my household goods to London"

Farid, Move to Munich Germany Aug. 27, 2012 "I highly recommend Astro International.  Great service!!"

Sheila, Move to Westport Ireland Aug. 14, 2012 "My family worked primarily through Peter Karys, whom I thought was extremely professional, patient and responsive to all of our questions, since we did not have any knowledge on how to execute this task. We greatly appreciated Peter's guidance and patience."

Timo, Move to Helsinki Finland July 24, 2012 "Everything went smoothly. We were very happy with your services. Thank you."

Sylvia, Move to Lourmarin France July 16, 2012 "Over all, it was an excellent experience. Peter was always there to answer questions and put me on to the French consulate in Boston for the docs I needed.

Roxanna, Move to Hong Kong May 4, 2012  "I am very satisfied with the service of Astro International. Among several moving companies that I looked into, the price of Astro International is the cheapest and the most reasonable. Also, the staff is very friendly and is always willing to answer my questions and concerns. Most importantly, my shipment arrived Hong Kong safely. When I picked up my shipment in Hong Kong, I saw all my boxes were packed perfectly and professionally. None of them were damaged. Overall, I strongly recommend Astro International to anyone who is looking for a moving company in the United States."

Timo, Move to Helsinki Finland April 20, 2012 "Thank you for good service! See you soon in Brockton again."

Felix, Move to Switzerland April 2012 "Astro International provided excellent service for my move to Winterthur Switzerland."

Matthew, Move to Leksand Sweden April 9, 2012  "I should have used your company to ship My truck as well!"

Steffen, Move to Fredericia Denmark April 1, 2012  "Very happy about your price, service level and honest approach. I have absolutely no complaints. Would happily use Astro intl. again."

Lisa, Move to Dar Es Salaam Tanzania March 2012  "You guys were great. All of our stuff arrived and nothing was broken (although we packed our own stuff,,,you crated and palletized it). Thanks!"

Caroline,   Move to Le Havre France Dec. 9, 2011  "I am really pleased with Astro International's service from Boston, MA to Le Havre, France. I received all the information I needed from the beginning, by phone and by email. Timeline (pick up, oversea shipping and delivery of the pallet at arrival) was according to what I was told. Fees at arrival were the ones I was informed of. No bad surprises! Overall, I really appreciated the serious and professional service of people from Astro International. Thanks to you my move went very well and smooth. Thank you!"

Peter, St. Andrews Scotland Oct. 25, 2011 "The move went so well that we sent an additional pallet as part of a container shipment. This went very well as well."

Anders, Move to Uppsala Sweden July 20, 2011 "Very satisfied with your service! Thanks again"

Subin,  Move to Barcelona Spain March 28, 2011 "Hi, My move from Wakefield, MA to Barcelona, Spain was peaceful with the help of Peter and Bill from Astro International. I delivered all my household things packed including my car at their warehouse in Brockton, MA. In a 20 foot container Astro packed all my things safely and loaded my car with necessary fixers and holders safe in any normal ship/carrier movements in land and water. I have received the container in Barcelona port and shipping company, MSC helped me to unload the container at the Terminal and I moved the house-hold items and Car by myself after obtaining Customs clearance from the Spanish Customs/Tax department with necessary paperwork. Overall it took 6 weeks to receive the items in Barcelona and the estimate was about 6-8 weeks, so no surprises. Peter carried out the whole processes with great care and consideration and followed on each an every enquiry I had pre and post shipping. As soon as the shipment left their warehouse Peter send necessary papers I need to obtain the Customs clearance here in Barcelona by FedEX, and with bill of landing from MSC, Customs clearance process was effortless. I recommend Astro International without any hesitation and please feel free to use me in case any of your future customers need a reference. Regards, Subin"

Anne,  Move to Kokkola Finland July 28, 2011 "We were very pleased with the service. Everything went like it was planned, nothing got damaged. Service was quick and the crew was friendly and very helpful. We like to thank Astro International and recommend them to our friends in the future.
Thank you,"

Nora,  Move to Sydney Australia June 25, 2011 "Dear peter I must say that the boys that packed up my house were very good, James and the other lads. Great workers thanks again Nora Weymouth Mass."

Christine, Move to  McMurray Glasgow Scotland July 14, 2011 "We were very pleased with your helpfulness and overall levels of service"

Chris,  Move to  Heidelberg Germany Nov. 14, 2011 "I was extremely impressed with your service. The shipment arrived as quickly as promised. Everything except for one small ceramic lid arrived safely and undamaged. The crews on both ends were very efficient and professional. I would gladly do business with you again and will recommend you to any friends moving abroad. Thanks!"

Dermot,  Move to Galway Ireland Sept. 20, 2011 "Really efficient and professional service.  Would highly recommend ASTRO. I was extremely pleased both from a cost and a service perspective"

Peter, Move to  St Andrews Scotland Sept. 21, 2011 "From Peter Karys initial assessment of the shipment, through the Astro packing team, to the excellent service on the UK side, the service from Astro International was excellent."

Aida,  Move to  Toulouse France July 14, 2011 "Hi Peter, I am sending you this email to let you know that I received my shipment and everything went well. I want to thank you for all your help and for your quick response. I told to all my friend about you and they will contact you for their shipment.
Thanks again and god bless you. My Best Regards. Aida"

Andreas,  Move to Germany June 29, 2011 "I would highly recommend Astro Int for managing my move again.  The guys coming over to pack our goods were fast, professional and helpful.  Everything was handled very professional."

Rita,  Move to Bari Italy July 20, 2011 "The whole experience was really stress free thanks to all the personnel who was very helpful throughout the process. I really recommend Astro International"

Robert,  Move to Beirut Lebanon July 24, 2011 "Excellent service door to door.  I would highly recommend Astro International"

 Jean,  Move to Brussels Belgium Dec. 7, 2011 "Thank you.  Just a short notice to let you know the shipment was safely delivered to my door yesterday.  Excellent service on both the U.S. and Belgium side"

Jeffrey,  Move to Basel Switzerland and Charlotte N.C. Sept. 16, 2011 "Excellent service."

Carole Anne  Move to Auckland New Zealand Oct. 19, 2011 "Wonderful service from Astro and their agent Transworld in New Zealand."

























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